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  ICDB student won the best poster award in Mexican Congress

The event was attended by leading scientists from different countries and was the ideal place for creating new research networks.


Alicia Lucero, a doctoral student of our institute was the winner of best poster award at the International Conference Biopartitioning and Purification (BPP 2011) developed in the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The work was evaluated by a team of researchers at the conference who had to deliberate on 25 posters presented by students attending the event. In this way, it was Alicia Lucero who had the best score.

The poster presented by the ICDB student shows part of the work developed by our institute on the development of a vaccine against alcoholism, specifically, the purification of viral vectors. Overall, the work consisted in compare the purification of adenovirus with three different columns, one of them being the most used and the other two columns employed in recent years.

Along with Alicia Lucero, ICDB´s researcher Sergio Mercado and Casilda Mura participated in the preparation of this work, in addition to the support and supervision of Drs. John A. Asenjo and Barbara Andrews.

BBP 2011

The International Conference on Biopartitioning and Purification (BPP 2011) is held every two years in the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and this time, the objective was highlight the scientific advances in the field of biopartitionings in the post-genomics, as well as to emphasize the achievements in terms of methodologies to capture, isolate, concentrate and purify biological products.

This time the ICDB played an important role in the meeting, having participated as an organizer of the activity by the Technological de Monterrey and Carnegie Mellon University, USA.


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